Atlantic Windshield Repair has the most advanced windshield repair system on the market today. We have designed a Web-Based platform that allows each owner to track all invoices from entry into the system, to payment from the insurance companies. Manage multiple shops, order supplies, and automatically calculate payroll. See at a glance invoice averages, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearley totals. Download training videos, radio and telivision spots As an Atlantic Windshield Repair Franchisee you will automatically be connected to a network of over Three Hundred Insurance Companies who pay for windshield repairs.

Using Bluetooth Technology, Invoices Can Be Printed From The Equipment Kit, Or Directly Emailed to Customers

Simply put, Atlantic's Windshield Repair System is the best hand-operated windshield repair technology available anywhere! Our system uses an injector designed to produce the highest vacuum available without using syringes, hand pumps, or any other unnecessary and awkward devices. Because of the simplicity of the design, (which leads to reliability), and with its ease of operation, (which results in minimal repair time), Atlantic's system provides a more complete and efficient repair.




To enhance performance our resins have been developed  to meet the varying needs in the windshield repair business. Atlantic's resin is specially developed for all repair situations. Our resin is designed for normal breaks, special breaks, long crack repair, and for use in hot or cold weather. Quality resin  makes the difference! It allows you to do the highest quality repairs that competitive resins simply can't do. They are designed to last for the life of the vehicle, which gives you a warranty your competitors can't match. Our resins and other supplies are all continually enhanced to provide you with the latest in repair technology.