Why  Windshield Repair

Windshield repair represents an opportunity that is unique. There are of over one billion cars worldwide each one with a windshield. As automobiles increase in price it is becomming ever more important to maintain and and repair them. Repairing a windshield can save the customer hundreds of dollars in needless replacement costs. Also repairing a windshield is GREEN as it reduces the number of windshields in landfills.

Highly Profitable
The typical invoice for a customer with insurance is over $60.00, and has a product cost of about $1.50. This represents a profit of $58.50 or more on every repair.

Bulls-Eyes, Star Breaks, And Even Long Cracks

Insurance Companies Are Your Partners
Every time you do a windshield repair for a customer you are saving their insurance company money by not having to pay for a replacement. This creates an environment whereby the insurance companies will waive the policyholder's deductible and the repair ends up being free to the customer. In some cases the insurance companies are spending millions of advertising dollars to let their customers know that your service exists and is highly needed.

The Average Repairs Take About Fifteen Minutes

A Huge Marketplace

There are more than 240 million vehicles in the U.S. One out of every seven vehicles on the road has some type of windshield damage. In fact, today you are more likely to get a rock chip in your windshield than you are a flat tire.

Easy To Learn
Our system is designed to make the technology do the repair for you, no months of practice and experience required.